Movie Review (LFF) – David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ is a Concert Experience Unlike Any Other

Movie Review (LFF) – David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ is a Concert Experience Unlike Any Other As someone from Scotland, I should be ashamed that I am unfamiliar with the works of David Byrne, a fellow Scot. Whilst I have obviously heard of him, as well as Talking Heads, I could not name a single song or album. I did not know a single thing about the American Utopia production either, and only became aware of it when I heard that Spike Lee was set to direct the filmed production of it. This film

Brilliant bombs: box office flops that became classics

It is hard to think that some of our most beloved films of the past century have done poorly at the box office. Being a box office failure does not necessarily mean the film is bad, as I will be proving here with two very different, yet well-loved, films. Whilst there are many films that started out as flops but became classics, such as Blade Runner (1982) and The Thing (1982), I ended up settling on It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994) tp explore in detail. These two

Movie Review (LFF) – ‘The Reason I Jump’ Shows Autism in an Empowering and Beautiful Light

Movie Review (LFF) – ‘The Reason I Jump’ Shows Autism in an Empowering and Beautiful Light Autism can be defined by many different aspects of life that become hindered and is quite common for young children to develop or to be born with. However, there is still a lot of misconceptions about the diagnosis and there is so much to still teach about the disability. This documentary gives a look into several families who have a loved one suffering from autism and shows them in a different light than

Movie Review (LFF) – ‘Ammonite’ is a Waiting Game of Fleeting Moments

Usually, when I write about a film that flies by, it’s a good thing. It is a good thing to me when a 2+ hour film goes by and feels like an hour, keeping me engaged throughout. For a film that is exactly two hours long, it should be a good thing for me to mention that Ammonite felt like it was only an hour long. However, that ended up being a negative for the film, as I look back and wonder what really happened in this story and why it warranted the two-hour runtime. This is a film that is mean

The Cabin in the Woods (2011) and the Horror Homage

If there is one horror film that feels incredibly inspired by its predecessors, it is Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods (2011). Whilst the film has been described by producer Joss Whedon as an attempt to “revitalise” the slasher film genre, as well as acting as a critical satire on torture porn, it very much feels like an homage to horror of the past. There is simply no way that this post could even begin to show every single reference and homage made to the horror genre in this 95-minute f

Movie Review (LFF): ‘Shirley’ is a Fun New Twist on a Bio-Pic

Movie Review (LFF): ‘Shirley’ is a Fun New Twist on a Bio-Pic Whilst I am not sure how many people are aware of who Shirley Jackson was, but it was nice for the film to bring up the fact that she wrote a short novel called “The Lottery”. This is actually a story that I read when I was younger, and became extremely fascinated by the premise and how dark it was. If you are also aware of this short story, you will know how the author could be seen as insane and messed up. It’s what makes this port

Movie Review (LFF): ‘Siberia’ is Style and Symbolism over Story and Substance

Movie Review (LFF): ‘Siberia’ is Style and Symbolism over Story and Substance Well, where do I even begin with this review? I was not familiar with the works of Ferrara, and that will most likely be a major reason why this film did not click for me. He has a very unique style to his form of storytelling, known for using provocative and often controversial content in his films. Siberia is no different, as there are very graphic nudity and sex sequences shown throughout and often with no context.

Episode 64: Misbehaviour w/ Amy Smith & Morgan Roberts

Listen to this episode from Movie Marathoners on Spotify. This week, Amy Smith from and Morgan Roberts from In Their Own League join to review the British import, Misbehaviour. Based on the protest of the 1970 Miss World competition, the feel-good film features great performances from Kiera Knightly, Jessie Buckley, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. We discuss what each the characters represent and dissect why the politics of the film may not be as cut and dry as they appear. Morgan prai

12 Angry Men: Telling a Story in One Location

12 Angry Men (1957) is a courtroom drama unlike most others. Directed by the late, great Sidney Lumet, the film is based on a teleplay written by Reginald Rose. Where most courtroom films focus on the incident leading up to the trial in question, 12 Angry Men takes us beyond the courtroom as 12 jurors decide whether a young man should be sentenced to death. This is a film that, aside from the opening and closing sequence, takes place entirely in a single location: the jury room. It’s quite the a

Chasing the Gold: Best Sound Analysis (2020)

This may be one of the most interesting years for the Best Sound category at the Academy Awards. For one, this is the first year since 1962 that only one award is given out to Sound, blending both the Sound Editing and Sound Mixing awards. Secondly, with the sort of year that this has been, it is going to be very hard to predict this category until closer to the awards. Not only are we uncertain if certain films will release in time to qualify for this year’s awards, but the typical genre films

Horror at the Oscars: Why the genre has been snubbed by the Academy

It has become clear in the past few years certain styles of movie are more likely to do well at the Acdaemy Awards than others. They have a clear favouritism for period pieces (The Favourite, Lincoln and Little Women), war epics (1917, Dunkirk and Hacksaw Ridge) and biopics (Bohemian Rhapsody, Darkest Hour and The King’s Speech). There are certain genres that have started to become newly appreciated by the Academy, particularly the comic book movie, due to the success of Joker (2019) earning the

InSession ‘Classic’ Film Review: Back in Time – A Retrospective on ‘Back to the Future’

InSession ‘Classic’ Film Review: Back in Time – A Retrospective on ‘Back to the Future’ There are many aspects required to make a good film: the acting, the production, and the editing, to name only a few. However, the film has to start with a script, and if the writing is not strong, it will be hard to create a strong movie with that foundation. Back to the Future (1985), written by director Robert Zemeckis as well as Bob Gale, is one of the best examples of screenwriting in film history. Whet

FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Three Poplars in Plyushchikha Street (Tatyana Lioznova)

Three Poplars in Plyushchikha Street (1968) is a Russian romantic-comedy, being a success for the Russian film industry with 26 million people seeing it in the USSR. Directed by Tatyana Lioznova, this film stars Tatiana Doronina, Oleg Efremov and Vyacheslav Shalevich. Based on the story “Three Poplars in Shabolovka” by Alexander Borschagovsky, this film follows a married woman and mother of two, Nyura (Doronina), who leaves her village to go to Moscow to sell some ham and pick up her sister-in-

Chadwick Boseman: 1976-2020

An obituary to the man who lived his life to the fullest, on-screen and off. “In my culture, death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into a green veld where you can run forever.” – King T’Challa, Captain America: Civil War On the 28th of August 2020, the heart-breaking news was announced that Chadwick Boseman passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. Fighting his battle away from the public eye, this wa

Episode 46: Top 5 Disney Animation Studios Films w/ Amy Smith (Film for Thought) from Movie Marathoners

In these trying times, sometimes the perfect remedy is a feel-good Disney film. Amy Smith from Film for Thought joins me this week as we comb through all 58 of Walt Disney Animation Studios's feature films to give our top 5 favorite films. Does your number one make the list? Tune in for a magical hour of Disney songs, villains, and heart. 05:05 - Hercules (1997) 07:42 - Frozen (2013) 11:45 - Peter Pan (1953) 15:27 - One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) 21:35 - Alice in Wonderland (1951) 25:00 -

A24: How a distribution company has made waves in Hollywood

Whenever you hear the word “Disney”, you know what sort of film you are going to get: an entertaining blockbuster hit that is suitable for the whole family. This has remained true throughout the years, with each of their divisions having a clear family-friendly audience and a key focus on making huge blockbusters and, in return, billions of dollars. All other distribution companies have struggled to make a clear name for themselves as a brand. Well, until recently, with the ermergence of A24. F

The evolution of the biopic

There has been a surge of biopics being released over the past decade – so much so that the genre is in danger of becoming formulaic and repetitive. In the past two years alone, there have been numerous biopics released about generation-defining icons. Some of them follow a simple biopic formula and some of them take a twist on the story or narrative style. I will be comparing the two styles done here by taking two films on each side (Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman), and looking at why I believ

Psycho w/critic Amy Smith from Pick of the Flicks

You'll be too scared to shower again after this week's Pick of the Flicks Podcast, on which film critic Amy Smith stops by for a chat about Alfred Hitchcock's proto-slasher classic PSYCHO. We discuss Anthony Perkins' indelible performance as the murderous Norman Bates, as well as Hitchcock's unique showmanship and, of course, THAT shower scene. On The Pick of the Flicks Podcast, a different guest every week stops by to discuss their favourite movie of all time. We are proudly part of the Flic

Psycho / Monsieur Verdoux - Episode 388

This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we review Alfred Hitchcock's classic slasher film Psycho and continue our Charlie Chaplin Movie Series with his 1947 comedy Monsieur Verdoux! - Review: Psycho (3:57) - Notes / Discussion (41:06) - Charlie Chaplin Movie Series (56:29) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud or TuneIn Radio! iTunes: Spotify:
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